What is CyberBG?

CyberBG is a unique 1-week bootcamp aiming to bring IT specialists, interested in the field with little or no prior experience to build a strong foundation in Information and Cyber Security.

The program combines 4-days of hands on tutorials and workshops on the core topics of Linux & Windows Host Security, Cyber Incident Response & Investigation, Secure Programming / Secure Coding and Network Security. Those topics will be linked together by the CTF*BG challenges on the 5th day.

One intensive week of hands-on tutorials and workshops, concluding with a joint event to bring together a community of professionals, passionate about InfoSec.

CyberBG is intended to pick up where the more theory-oriented International Summer School of Cryptology and Cyber-Resilience – CryptoBG (www.cryptobg.org) left off, including an audience of more practically-oriented information security practitioners. CryptoBG will still continue to be organized on every even year.

Main topics

The program of the Bootcamp is composed by recognized experts and combines trainings on the cybersecurity fundamentals with series of lectures by visiting speakers on the hottest topics and trends in the field. Among the core topics of the Bootcamp are Linux & Windows Host Security, Cyber Incident Response & Investigation, Secure Programming / Secure Coding and Network Security. The bootcamp will also include a CTF (Capture The Flag), prepared by CyResLab, wherein participants will compete to prove their newly acquired skills, as well the awards.

Additionally, CyberBG will cover some upcoming and innovative aspects of cybersecurity, such as Cloud & Serverless Security, System of Systems Security, Blockchain and Reverse Engineering & Exploitation.


With this initiative, we aim at creating a community of people, interested in expanding upon their knowledge and in meeting together with professionals to build strong and sustainable partnerships.

Who should attend?

The Summer School / Bootcamp is tailored for IT specialists with interest in Information Security and Cyber Security, but no prior experience, as well as students, interested in careers in the field. It can also be beneficial to working professionals who may want to extend their professional expertise and gain experience in innovative security technologies and applications.

The Conference is suitable for working professionals and experts, wanting to exchange experience and ideas with colleagues, interested in networking within the InfoSec community. The Conference will also be an opportunity to meet the Bootcamp graduates, as the conference will include a session, where top Bootcamp participants will present their solutions to the Key CTF Problems and the IoT challenge.

Organized by

Please address questions and confirm your interest to:

Yavor Papazov

Organizing Committee


Prof. Minko Balkanski

Dr. George Sharkov