CyberBG 2019

7-13 July 2019 (Sunday – Saturday), “National Institute of Education”, Oriahovitza, Bulgaria

Due to technical reasons, we’re cancelling this year’s edition of CyberBG. We hope we’ll be able to see you at CryptoBG*2020 (CyberBG’s older brother) next year. More information, here.

One intensive week of hands-on tutorials and workshops, concluding with a joint event to bring together a community of professionals, passionate about InfoSec.

Topics of the year:

  • Linux & Windows Host Security
  • Cyber Incident Response & Investigation
  • Secure Programming / Secure Coding
  • Network Security

As well as a CTF (Capture The Flag) that will be prepared by CyResLab, wherein participants will compete to prove their newly acquired skills, as well the awards.

Additionally, CyberBG*2019 will briefly cover some upcoming and innovative aspects of cybersecurity, such as:

  • Cloud & Serverless Security
  • System of Systems Security
  • Blockchain
  • Reverse Engineering & Exploitation

More information and full bootcamp and conference agendas, as well as lecturers and speakers will be published soon!